Keep Kitchen Sponges Dry And Mildew-Free With This Cleaning Tip

Prevent These From Becoming Super Gross
colorful sponges for washing
colorful sponges for washing

There's no denying that after a while, kitchen sponges can become pretty nasty. Because they're always wet, germs tend to build up and before you know it, they've become moldy and smelly. But one Reddit user found a cleaning tip you can try to help keep sponges dry and mildew-free.

Churnopol uploaded a photo of the scrubber attached to an office binder clip. This device holds the sponge upright, preventing it from sitting in water and allowing it to air dry pretty fast.

Photo by churnopol

This is definitely a clever way to help keep sponges from becoming gross and unusable. And if you're looking to really clean and deodorize one of your own, you can soak it in lemon juice and water. Then, place it in the microwave for about one minute, and that should do the trick.

Click through our slideshow to see more unique cleaning tips. And be sure to head over to Reddit for more information. Hat tip to Life Hacker.

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