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Delicious Japanese Homemade Meals You Want to Try Before You Die

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As the number of foreign tourists is increasing these days, countryside area is also attracting tourists' attention. Every different local dish gets foreign tourists interested.
In this KitchHike channel, we'll introduce various local dishes with foreign tourists from different countries.

The remarkable first place we picked up is Ibaraki-prefecture.

As some of you might heard, this Ibaraki-prefecture got the lowest attention point at "Attractiveness ranking" for two years in row.

Then, our guests, 3 Americans from Sacramento, CA, visited this "Unattractive" place to try the local dishes and specialties.




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Phil: American KitchHiker in his 30s. A big fan of Japanese culture who lives in Japan for 7 years. He'll guide his parents from the US around for the first time.

Tony & Teresa: Phil's parents from Sacramento California. First time to visit Ibaraki.




The first place they visited was Mr. Kokubo's kitchen near Mt. Tsukuba. They got interested in Natto and the farmer's traditional house where they enjoyed an ordinary Japanese breakfast.
After the breakfast, they moved to Hitachi-naka city to try local specialties.




Who said there's no specialty in Ibaraki? That place is full of amazing meals and interesting people's lifestyle. We LOVE Ibaraki!




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