Kitler, Cat Who Looks Like Hitler, Has Trouble Getting Adopted

Heil Kitler! No One Wants Fuzzy Adolf Look-alike

She's adorable and fuzzy, but a kitten in England can't find anyone to take her in because she bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

'Kitler' -- as the six-week-old cat is known -- has been passed over by prospective owners and the animal shelter officials in Godmanchester think it's because she has a patch of black fur underneath her nose that looks like the notorious dictator's distinctive mustache.

"We think her unusual markings are putting people off," a spokeswoman for Wood Green shelter told The Telegraph.

Finding likenesses of Hitler has become a semi-popular pastime for people with a dark sense of humor. In fact, the orphaned kitty that made headlines this week would be right at home on a website called, Cats That Look Like Hitler.

The website offers guidelines for determining if a cat qualifies as feline Hitler.

"We're looking for that toothbrush 'tache, that most unfashionable of facial adornments. Or the flock-of-seagulls hairdo. Perhaps an evil glint in its eye, or maybe a Kitler will be Sieg Miaowing their paw all the way to their dinner plate. Of course, the best Kitlers will have all of the above," the site said.

The occasional inanimate object gets a burst of interest for its Fuhrer-like features.
A Welsh home become an overnight sensation in March when it was compared to Hitler too. Its sloping roof vaguely resembled the Fuhrer's haircut while the lintel above the doorway approximated Hitler's mustache.


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