Kitten Meets Bearded Dragon, Freaks Out Ninja-Style (VIDEO)

Bearded dragons were only introduced to the United States in the 1990’s, and so, despite their increasing popularity as house pets, it make sense that the kitten in the video above would have never encountered one before.

In true ninja-style, the kitten approaches the bearded dragon with caution and attempts a tentative bat before scampering away. His eyes never leave the perceived threat. The bearded dragon (perhaps a more seasoned opponent) in turn does not flinch, does not blink, only turning his head towards the end as if to ask the camera, “Really?”

The video is equal parts adorable and hilarious, but it’s important to remember that the kitten’s unease is genuine and that similar interspecies interactions in the home should only ever be allowed under very careful supervision, if at all.

Bearded dragons are lizards originating from dry and rocky environments in Australia. In the wild they tend to be more solitary than social, save for occasionally basking together in warm, sunny areas, a phenomenon that may explain this particular dragon's tolerance:

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