Kitten Eats Ice Cream: Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day (VIDEO)

Cats are carnivores and should eat a meat-based diet. Everyone knows that. We also know that even though a kitten lapping up milk is an iconic image, dairy isn't always great for their little tummies. Plus, giving a cat sugar isn't a good idea either, unless you want a fat cat with diabetes.

Ok, so we know all of that and we firmly believe that you should feed your cat a healthy diet that is appropriate for them.

That said... we can't get over how adorable this kitten eating an ice cream cone is. We're ashamed of ourselves, honestly.

We can't figure out which is cuter: the kitten holding onto the ice cream cone with both paws, or the tiny ice cream moustache he gets while munching away.

Either way, this is a keeper. But seriously, don't do this at home.