A Kitten’s Scramble Was The Best Play On Thursday Night Football

This tailback must have been chasing a Raven.

Thursday’s matchup was a bit of a dud, with the Baltimore Ravens pummeling the Miami Dolphins 40-0, but one rogue cat made the lopsided game worth watching.

As the Dolphins completed their final failed play of the game, a tabby ran onto the field and among players on the Dolphins’ sideline.

Perhaps the best part was commentator and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo analyzing the cat’s run.

“Look at this,” he said. “Perfect form. Extension ... doesn’t even get phazed when people are around. Ooh, look at the the change of direction! Does he get both feet in here at the end?”

It’s unclear how the cat got onto the field, but it doesn’t seem to matter much. Viewers were smitten.

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