Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Cute Kitten From Busy Road


There’s a clever play on words about this adorable ginger kitten losing one of its nine lives that could be written here.

But this story is more about a hero motorcyclist who saved the cute kitty from the middle of a busy road in Mons, Belgium, last month.

The man spots the kitten, quickly stops his bike and runs to its rescue in a video that’s going viral this week. The man, helped by a car driver who also stopped to help, waves away an oncoming vehicle and then lifts the kitten from the roadway to safety.

The helmet camera footage then cuts out, so it’s unclear what happened to the kitten next.

The unidentified motorcyclist told video website ViralHog, however, that “the cat was very afraid. But now, it is good.”

Check out the video above.

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