Kitten Rescued, Revived By Firefighter In Fresno, Aptly Named 'Lucky' (VIDEO)

A very fortunate kitten was spared certain death this week after a kind-hearted firefighter rescued the dying animal, bringing the tiny feline -- quite literally -- back to life.

According to CBS affiliate KGPE, the kitten, since named "Lucky," was rescued from the floor of a burning home in Fresno, Calif., by veteran firefighter Cory Kalanick.

"I looked down, and you can actually see the cat shining in the spotlight of my flashlight," said Kalanick, who gingerly picked up the limp animal from the ground before reviving it with cold water and a tank full of oxygen.

This isn't the first time in recent days that a kitten has been rescued by California firefighters. According to ABC affiliate News 10, a calico kitten was pulled from a storm drain by Sacramento firefighters after being trapped underground for four days last week.

"We're here for the citizens and that's a citizen's animal, a citizen's loved one that we want to get back to them and hopefully reunite them," fire captain Todd Filbrun told the news outlet of the rescue.

UPDATE: Some sources have reported that the kitten passed away the night of the rescue. The SPCA's Beth Caffrey told Life With Cats, “It’s a very sad loss. The kitten however was in very loving hands.”

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