Kitten In Pipe Rescued By Police And Firefighters In El Cajon, California (VIDEO)

Rescuing a kitten probably wasn't how this group of police and firefighters were planning to spend their Thanksgiving.

But for over three hours on Thursday, a team of rescuers in El Cajon, California dedicated their time to saving a cat stuck in an electrical plastic pipe.

According to KFMB/CNN, the kitten's cries were heard around 4 a.m. on Thursday, when the cat fell several feet down the pipe.

KABC reports that multiple methods were attempted to draw out the kitten, but ultimately they saved the cat with a makeshift catchpole made of wire and cables.

Not only was the cat rescued, but she also found a new home -- one of the officers with the El Cajon Police Department decided to adopt her.

This isn't the first animal to be rescued from a pipe. Over the summer, firefighters in Redding, California rescued a kitten from a 2-inch pipe by cutting the pipe to set him free. Last winter, a dog was rescued from a pipe by ... another dog, who spotted the stuck pooch and alerted his owner.

If you want to help an animal needing a home, visit Petfinder.com or the ASPCA website.

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