Kitten Survives Washing Machine Cycle (VIDEO)

Poor kitty! Princess, an eight-week-old kitten, survived an hour-long washing machine cycle in the UK city of Aberdeen this week, according to the BBC,

Susan Gordon, the kitten's owner, thought she was playing around elsewhere in her residence when Princess snuck into the machine along with the load of clothes.

After the wash cycle was finished, Gordon opened the door to find the frazzled kitten clinging for dear life to a pair of jeans.

Princess was rushed to the vet immediately and spent three nights being treated for her injuries.

Although she incurred no lasting damage from the ordeal, one veterinary surgeon told the BBC that the kitty was in rough condition when she first arrived.

"Princess arrived at the clinic very shaken up and shivering, with a nose bleed and sore eyes," Judy Drysdale said.
"But her owner had managed to dry her off very well prior to bringing her in to the clinic."

Drysdale also told The Belfast Telegraph that this is something all pet owners should watch out for.

"Washing machines and tumble dryers are just the type of small, dark and often warm places that cats like to hide. We would like to urge owners to be careful and ensure the doors on such machines are closed at all times, and checked thoroughly prior to loading and switching on."

Princess's care included oxygen, pain relievers for her tiny, bruised, body, and heat pads to bring her temperature up.