Kitten Watches Kittens On YouTube Or How The Internet Ended (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kitten Watches Kittens On YouTube, Universe Collapses

Cats are the undisputed gods of the Internet. If they were to find out how much of a claw-hold they have on our daily online lives, they might rise up and give the apes a run for their money. In fact, this little kitten could be Cat Zero for the coming shift to feline power, as it has already discovered what we've been trying to hide: the viral power of adorable cat videos.

That said, until cats learn how to not ride the space bar, we're probably fine. We did hold our breath a second when kitty went to try to cue the next video, but fortunately for the human race, paws weren't designed to use a track pad. We're safe... but for how long?


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