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These Foster Kittens Love Being Bottle Fed So Much They Can't Stop Wiggling Their Ears

Waffle, Pancake, Muffin, Hash Brown and Biscuit are a group of month-old kittens known as the "breakfast bunch."

Their names speak to hearty meals, but these tiny ones -- whose mother couldn't nurse them for medical reasons -- are still getting all their nutrition via liquid.

That where their human foster mom, Sam Querry, comes in.

Querry, who works at a veterinary clinic in Washington, D.C., has been fostering for different rescue groups and shelters for years now, with this batch of babies coming from the Washington Humane Society.

She provides bottle meals to the kittens every few hours -- a task that doesn't end at night. Querry doesn't mind the schedule too much, though, especially when she gets to see things like this:

Waffle really enjoys her feeding

"I love that I get to see it every day!" says Querry, who also shares her home with Petunia the hamster and Rigby the cat. "Whenever I've bottle fed kitties, they wiggle their ears. It never gets old how cute it is."

The feeding routine will continue until a couple of weeks from now, when the kittens move on to solid food. At that point, their ears may no longer dance around in quite the same way, but Querry says she also loves when her fosters have grown up from being "dependent little things into the kitten phase where they can eat on their own and are really playful and snuggly."

A few weeks after that, when the kittens are at least 2 pounds apiece and have been spayed or neutered, Waffle, Pancake, Muffin, Hash Brown and Biscuit will come available for adoption.

And that part is even harder, and even more rewarding, than all the rest of it.

"It's hard to let them go because you do become attached to them really fast," Querry says. "However, knowing they're going to a great forever home where they'll get lots of love is comforting."

Keep tabs on the breakfast bunch on their fantastically adorable Facebook page.

Check out the many kittens and other animals available for adoption right now at the Washington Humane Society. Find out more about fostering for WHS here, or get in touch with your local rescue group to see about becoming a foster for them.

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