After Receiving Call About Homeless Kittens, 911 Operator Saves The Day

“I could hear them crying in the background. You could tell they were very little.”

Saturday started off as a typical work day for Shauna Rogers. She went into the Valley Communications Center in Kent, Washington, where she works as a 911 operator, and got ready to answer that day’s deluge of calls. 

What she didn’t know was that the day had a furry surprise in store: a box full of it, in fact.

“It was one of the first calls I took that day,” Rogers told Q13 Fox News. “A man said he had found a box with five abandoned kittens.”

Rogers answers dozens of 911 calls every day, but says the conversation hit a nerve. She couldn’t get the cats off her mind even after she arranged for a police officer to pick up the animals. 

“It was Saturday, so our animal control officers weren’t on duty. I was wondering what the officer is going to do with all these kittens,” Rogers said. “I could hear them crying in the background. You could tell they were very little.”

Filled with concern, Rogers decided she had to step in. She contacted the officer and offered to help find new homes for the cats. As it turned out, help was close at hand. The kittens were brought to the Valley Communications Center, and before long, each and every one had been scooped up by Rogers’ co-workers.

“Once they got up here, they went quickly. We could have had a box of 10, I think. They all could have found homes that night,” Rogers said.

Valley Communications Center has since commended its staff.

“This is a great story about the caring hearts of our team members,” said operations manager Vonnie Mayer on Facebook. “Way to go Shauna for coordinating the efforts to get these sweet kittens homes. Kudos to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to a new family member!” 


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