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Deep-Pore Cleansing With ... Kitty Litter? (VIDEO)

Would you dare to put this on your face?

Last week, we highlighted Michelle Phan's ice cube pore shrinking how-to. While we were mining the archives of her YouTube page to see what other, er, unexpected beauty tips she was offering up, we stumbled upon the questionable-sounding Kitty Litter Facial Mask.

Phan quickly clarifies that kitty litter (unused obviously) is essentially bentonite clay, which is what makes up most clay masks out on the market -- even the fancy stuff. Since the clay has a negative charge, it's great at pulling out free radicals and other toxins which are positively charged, Phan says. It's also great for cellulite, age spots and reducing pore size. Huh.

After mixing the stuff with water, Phan then applied the liquid-y paste on her face, leaving it on for about 15 minutes. We're … intrigued. Has anyone ever tried this? While this is definitely one of the weirder YouTube tutorials we've seen, perhaps you know of weirder ones! If so, send 'em over to

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