Adorable Kitty Enforcers Handle Brewery's Rodent Problem

"It's handled." -Olivia Pope/these cats

First, there were male Ghostbusters. Then, there were girl power Ghostbusters. But one Chicago brewery has called up feline Ghostbusters to handle their troublesome rodent infestation.

Venkman, Raymond, Egon and Gozer are the “Ghostbusters”-named kitty enforcers that have taken up residence in Chicago’s Empirical Brewery. The cats came from Tree House Humane Society’s Cats at Work Project ― a program that removes feral cats from dangerous situations and puts them in new homes where they can control Chicago’s rampant rodent problem.

Empirical Brewery staff struggled with rats before their feline friends swooped in to save the day. “We would find little holes, scratched into bags of grain,” head brewer Nevin McCown told CBS Chicago. They dubbed one particularly massive rat “Jesus” after repeatedly coming face to face with him and crying out, “Oh, Jesus.”

But ever since Venkman, Raymond, Egon and Gozer came to the brewery, the staff hasn’t seen a single rodent. The cats have also proven much more cost-effective than monthly extermination treatments that didn’t get rid of the rats. The cats spend a lot of time dozing, but just their scent is enough to keep rats at bay.

The success of the Cats at Work Program in Empirical Brewery and many Chicago homes has led to a 30-day wait list for new cat placements. The program is great for pest control, but also saves feral cats’ lives; before the program, feral cats were often euthanized because they had no place to go.

All we can say is that these cats are our ultimate #squadgoals. Follow the Empirical Brewery cats’ adventures on Twitter.