Kjeragbolten, Norway's Ultimate Photo Opp, Exists On A Rock Between Two Hard Places

Ok. We admit it. We have a minor obsession with Norway (specifically this rock, this rock, this lookout, and the entire nation as a whole).

But how can you not be obsessed when you see pictures of Kjeragbolten?

The boulder is wedged in a crevasse of Norway's Kjerag mountain. It has become a hotspot for daring hikers who, after completing the "brutal" three-hour hike through some of Norway's most beautiful scenery, decide to take perch on a wee rock more than 3,000 feet above the abyss below.

There's no railing, winds get strong, and "it is terrifying!!" But visitors report Kjeragbolten as totally worth it... even if they are just high on adrenaline.

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...the question is, would EWE try it?

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