A KKK Flyer Landed In A Bag Of Candy On This Woman's Lawn

One resident in Florida is up in arms after a bag of candy holding a KKK recruitment flyer landed on her lawn.

WFTV-TV reports that the Deland, Fla. homeowner had to prevent her children from eating the candy attached to the memo. The area is predominantly African-American, and she called the incident "concerning" to say the least.

Back in November, a similar KKK-related incident occurred in the Sunshine State. WKMG-TV reported that residents in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. alerted 9-1-1 after flyers reading "Our Race Is Our Nation" landed on their lawns. While police filed reports into the investigation, the fliers were protected under freedom of speech.

"I think there's still some people that are still living in the old mindset and we all as a people have to get past that in order to make this a better world for our children to live in," resident Timothy Washington told WOFL-TV at the time.

Larry Taylor

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