Klingon Sword Brandished In Trekkie Trash Dispute, Cops Say

Could jail be the final frontier?

This seems highly illogical.

A Spokane, Washington, man faces assault charges after a neighbor claims he attacked him with a Klingon sword amidst a dispute about trash, local news station KREM 2 reports.

A neighbor accused 50-year-old Carlo Morris Cerutti of attacking him after the neighbor left trash in Cerutti's trash can. Cerutti now faces assault charges for allegedly swinging the replica sword.

Documents say Cerutti's wife, Joyce, was in the midst of an argument about the trash with the neighbor when things escalated. 

"Our next door neighbor was evicted and he was throwing his stuff in our garbage can so I took it put it in a bag, took it to him and said Jr., will you please not put your stuff in our garbage can," Joyce told KREM 2

She says the neighbor then threw a bag of trash at her, which she says hit her in the back, and also threw trash in her yard.

According to the court documents, the neighbor alleged Cerutti charged out of the house with the replica Klingon sword. The neighbor said he was ultimately able to pull the sword away from Cerutti and then dialed 911. 

Cerutti's wife, however, claims her husband never attacked the man and that the neighbor actually barged into the home during the dispute. She claims Cerutti grabbed the sword as protection and only then did he swing it at the neighbor.

Klingons are a race of beings that exist in the Star Trek franchise. Within the fictitious world, they are known to have a genetic predisposition toward hostility, the Star Trek website says

A Klingon "sword of honor" is called a  bat'leh, and these weapons are preferred by Klingon warriors who are martial arts masters, according to the site.

A replica bat'leh goes for about $47 on Amazon.

Cerutti isn't the first person who has encountered trouble after using or carrying Klingon items. There are at least six other documented instances of people getting into trouble with the law as a result of replica Klingon items, Fusion reports