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Airline Brings Passengers To Tears With Surprise Letters From Loved Ones Before Takeoff

Air travel these days is largely an impersonal affair.

Nothing says "you're valued" quite like frequent flier numbers, boarding groups and hundreds of identical packs of peanuts.

In a bid to change that, KLM and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport launched a campaign called "Cover Greetings," which capitalized on the heartfelt farewells exchanged by passengers and their friends and family to make the boarding process a bit more human.

Unbeknownst to passengers, friends and family were invited to write a note to their loved ones after they parted ways at the security line, which KLM employees then whisked to the flight ahead of time and posted to each person's assigned seat, just in time for the passengers to read as they boarded the plane.

If you've ever wanted to see people brought to tears by their seat covers, you'll love this.

Judging from the surprisingly emotional video they posted from the campaign on YouTube, it was a huge success.

WATCH the video, above.

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