Why This Knee-Strengthening Exercise Is So Important For Women

Women are more prone to knee injuries -- particularly ACL tears -- than men, according to Yoga Tune Up founder Jill Miller. So while fit knees may not sound as sexy as toned arms or a flat stomach, it's incredibly important for women to work on strengthening their knees at every age.

The key to healthy knees is having strong hips to protect them, Miller says. In the above #OWNSHOW video, she demonstrates an exercise called Hip Hinges, a move that can easily be done at home or incorporated into your workout routine.

Step 1
knee strengthening exercise

Bring your forearms down onto a chair or tabletop. "Have your knees slightly bent," Miller instructs. "Hips directly over ankles."

Step 2
knee strengthening exercise

Tighten your core and "hinge" your hip up and down. "You want to do this 12 times, contracting the buttock as you lift the leg up and keeping it contracted as it lowers," she says. "That way the buttock strengthens in both a concentric way and what's called an eccentric way."

Feeling the burn? The payoff will be worth it. "Getting that buttock nice and strong is going to protect your knees in the long run," Miller says.



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