How To Get Knee High Boots To Actually Stay Up

Boot season is here. These essential items will help prevent your favorite fall footwear from slouching and falling down.
It's time to break out your knee high boots — but not without these simple hacks to make sure they stay up all season.
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It's time to break out your knee high boots — but not without these simple hacks to make sure they stay up all season.

Fall is prime time for breaking out your favorite cool weather clothing, like shackets and midi skirts. It’s also the perfect season to sport those knee-high and over-the-knee boots that have been collecting dust in your closet.

One annoying problem I constantly run into when boot season rolls around is that some pairs tend to slide down, creating an unwanted slouchy look I wish to avoid.

While I tend to go for tall boots that have an elastic backing to reduce the likelihood of this happening, some boots that lack this feature are just too cute to rule out.

If you also suffer from this footwear predicament, I’ve spent several years figuring out easy hacks to alleviate it. Below, you’ll find four items that will make your boot-wearing experience less droopy.

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Fearless body and clothing tape
There's nothing double-sided tape won't fix. And when it comes to keeping your knee high boots up, this popular clothing tape definitely comes in handy. Simply stick it around the opening of each boot and press firmly against your skin to set it in place.

Promising review: "I got this to hold up a pair of boots. They go up to my knees but as I’m walking they always fall to my ankles. I was nervous about this working since it would be constant movement and there’s so much bend near the knees, but it did the trick all day. Definitely recommend!" — Mackenzie Stouwie
It Stays roll-on body adhesive
This hypoallergenic roll-on body adhesive is a great alternative to body tape. It's super easy to apply, thanks to the roll-on applicator, so you can target exactly where you want your boot to stick.

Promising review: "This product really works. I have thigh high suede boots that never stay up unless I have this product. Will keep buying." — Elizabeth j coffey
Boot shaper inserts
One trick to keeping your boots afloat is giving them a little more maintenance and care when you first get them. If you've ever bought a pair of boots from a store in-person, you're familiar with the shaper insert that helps retain their tall shape and keeps them from slouching over. You can use this same hack at home with these inserts to keep your boots upright when you're not wearing them. The pack comes with four pairs.

Promising review: "I loved these. I collect a number of boots and I hate when they bent around the ankles and would rub when worn. These are thick, sturdy and still flexible. Not a cheap flimsy material. I will order more as my boot collection grows!" — Sarah B.
A 3-pack of knee high socks
These over-the-knee socks take up some of the excess space around your calf that may be contributing to your sliding boot. These socks come in black, green, gray, mustard, red and tan.

Promising review: "If you have an issue with your over-the-knee boots slipping down your leg and giving you a more slouchy look, these socks are a must! They help keep the boots in place but are thin enough to not make you feel bulky. I also wore them under jeans when I was going to be outside for a long time in the cold Michigan winter, and they easily fit under your jeans and again don't make your jeans feel too tight on your legs." — Nicole

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