Knife Falls From Sky Into Chinese Man's Head (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Some people get hit in the head by stray frisbees, others get stabbed by a knife plummeting through the air.

It appears that was the case for 57-year-old Chinese man Yunzhi Xiao. The Telegraph reports that Xiao was casually walking in his home town of Guangyuan when he noticed a knife protruding from his head.

So where did the knife come from? Apparently as Xiao was walking underneath a high-rise apartment building, the knife fell from an eighth-floor balcony in what has to be one of the worst cases of timing ever.

Xiao said he felt a "very heavy weight" before bystanders pointed out that he was bleeding, according to NBC News.

"It hurt a lot," Xiao told the station from the hospital. "I cried out, 'My head! My head hurts! But I did not know what had happened."

Only hours after the incident, doctors were able to remove the knife from his head, Chinese publication Caijing reported. Police said the knife had been knocked over the ledge by wind.

Xiao is currently in stable condition.

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