'Knife Song': Hanna Ellingseter, Norwegian Girl, Sings The Most Dangerous Song Ever (VIDEO)

UPDATE: This video has been removed due to a complaint by the original creator of the song, Rusty Cage.

Our friends over at "Blame It On The Voices" have suggested that Hanna Ellingseter rendition of "The Knife Song," which was originally created by Rusty Cage but is circulating around the Internet today, should inspire the next big meme. We couldn't disagree -- respectfully -- more.

While the song and Ms. Ellingseter's daring are infectious, we don't want to see hospitals all over the world crowded with people who are missing digits after trying to create the next big YouTube parody. So let's just enjoy the "Knife Song" for the dangerous work of art that it is and let it go.

Or if you must parody it, use something other than a knife for your creative spin. Try "The Feather Song" or "The Loaf Of Bread Song" or "The Imagine I'm Holding A Real Knife Song."

CORRECTION: The original version of this post did not mention that the this song/performance was originated by Rusty Cage. We regret the error.



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