Knish Recipes: Potato, Beef, Spinach And Beyond (PHOTOS)

You won't believe some of the knish fillings we rounded up for you today.

You'd probably recognize a potato knish in the wild -- either square or round, baked or fried, these little pillows of dough are usually filled with mashed potatoes and onions. We love this starch on starch combo so much, that we almost don't want to mess with the formula. Sure, there are beef knishes, kasha knishes and even spinach knishes, but what fully turned the tide toward making us experimental knish maniacs was the broccoli-cheese knish we were introduced to recently.

This discovery stirred thoughts in our heads -- surely the food bloggers of the world had invented an even crazier, more delicious knish recipe? Yes. Yes they did. We pulled together a few of our favorites, from traditional to totally unheard-of (hello pimento cheese knish). What are you going to fill your next homemade knish with?

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The Tra-dish Knish

Knish Recipes

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