Knitting Clock: The ‘365' Ticker That Creates A Scarf As Hours Pass (VIDEO)

Yes, this is real.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like wasting any time, then the “365” knitting clock is for you.

Created by Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, the clock forms one stitch every hour that goes by and claims it will complete a two-meter-long scarf in a year's time. Not to mention, the ticker is fully-functioning and gives the correct time. “What I wanted to show was the nature of time in a different way,” Wilhelmsen has said.

Wilhelmsen designed the clock in 2010 when she was completing her degree at the University of Berlin, and was asked to craft something with the theme “Everything Counts,” according to an interview with the staff at Normann Copenhagen.

This idea is very similar to the rocking chair that knits a hat as you rock back and forth. But CUT//now, //you don’t even need to be present for this crafting -- what will they think of next?

Watch the video above to lean more about the ‘365’ knitting clock. Hat tip to Jezebal.

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