The Perfect Knitting Gifts That'll Make Someone REALLY Happy

Watch out, they may want to just kiss you for it.

If you're lucky enough to know a knitter, we've got some great news for you. Knitters are the best type of people to shop for. They can never have enough yarn, needles or knick-knacks to help them purl their way through the winter, and you'll be their favorite person if you keep them well stocked in supplies.

While the average knitter might buy him or herself affordable acrylic yarns, you can do your favorite knitter a favor by treating them to a little luxury with some wool or cashmere skeins, in all sorts of gorgeous colors. But it can get a lot more creative than just yarn -- whether you just want to fill someone's stocking or you're looking for a more generous gift, the options abound.

Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite knitter-approved treats that any crafter will be thrilled to receive this holiday season. (Ahem, hint hint.)

Stocking Stuffer: Stitch Holders
Purl Soho
When you're knitting projects that require several different pieces (sleeves, etc.), you need stitch holders to keep them in place and free up your knitting needles while you knit the rest of the project. This set comes in pretty colors (there are pink and yellow sets, too).Aluminum Stitch Holders, $5.40 at Purl Soho
Stocking Stuffer: Knitting Counter
Any knitter who watches Netflix while knitting will rejoice at the thought of a counter -- never again will they have to rip out all their stitches after they've lost count while watching a particularly engrossing scene on the screen.Clover Knitting Counter, $5.04 on Craftsy
Stocking Stuffer: Heart-Shaped Markers
Purl Soho
When you're knitting in the round and need to mark your seam, there's no more adorable way to do it than with these heart-shaped markers (which you can NOT find at your average craft store).KA Memoric Heart Markers, $4.15 at Purl Soho
Stocking Stuffer: Cable Stitch Holders
For the knitter who loves cabling, these gorgeous cable holders will keep projects neat and tidy in the midst of some super-skilled cabling techniques.Clover Cable Stitch Holders, $2.44 for a set of 3 at Craftsy
Stocking Stuffer: Knitting Needle Gauge
Lion Brand Yarn
Most double-pointed needles sadly are NOT labeled by their size, leaving knitters clueless as to which needles they're grabbing from their bag. This gauge will help solve that dilemma every time.Needle Gauge Palette, $10.99 at Lion Brand Yarn
Stocking Stuffer: Extra Large Pom Pom Maker
This won't look exciting AT ALL to a non-knitter, but this little piece of plastic is a miracle worker. This brand new extra-large size that Clover recently released will make GIANT pom poms -- we're talking about the size of a nice big orange -- that are perfectly aligned with this season's giant pom-pommed hat trend. Clover Extra Large Pom Pom Maker, $10.85 at Amazon
Affordable Gift: A Kit To Make The Cutest Baby Beanie Ever
We Are Knitters
We Are Knitters sells kits that are perfectly designed to help you execute specific patterns. This one, which we've knitted ourselves, is just about the easiest and most adorable baby hat you could ever make. (You don't even need to know how to knit in the round.)Loris Beanie kit, $45 from We Are Knitters
Affordable Gift: Trimming Scissors
Purl Soho
When it's time to trim the end of your yarn, it's a treat to grab a special little pair of scissors like this stork-shaped pair.Stork Embroidery Scissors, $21.10 from Purl Soho
Affordable Gift: The Best Chunky Yarn
We Are Knitters
If you're looking for chunky yarn, this is the stuff of dreams. It knits up quickly and feels like heaven, and it comes in 30 gorgeous colors that you won't find anywhere else.100% Peruvian Wool, $22 each at We Are Knitters
Big-Ticket Gift: Interchangeable Circular Needles Set
A knitter can NEVER have enough needles, and this set is a smart and economical way to make sure every size you need is in your set. The points on this set of circular needles are interchangeable, meaning you don't have to buy a new set of circular needles every time you need a different size.Clover Takumi Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Set, $101.98 at Craftsy
Big-Ticket Gift: Cashmere Ombré Wrap Kit
Purl Soho
For the knitter who wants to wrap up in some luxury, this is the ultimate gift. This fine-gauge cashmere will take even the fastest knitters a bit of time to complete, making it well worth every penny once it's finished. It comes in five pretty colors: plum, pink, gray, teal or blue.Cashmere Ombré Wrap Kit, $398 from Purl Soho
The Biggest Gift Of All: Giant Knitting Kit
Purl Soho
Extreme knitting is basically everything right now (at least in the world of knitting) -- it's the practice of making GIANT projects out of insanely fat wool by using monstrous needles. No, it does NOT come cheap. But this blanketwill make a die-hard knitter's holiday wishes come true.$530 for the yarn and $160 for the industrial needles at Purl Soho

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