Knocked Up, For Real: Glamour's New PregBlogger

Via Jezebel, word of a brand-new blogger at Glamour. Meet Christine Coppa:

"Imagine that you're 26 with a cool job, a great apartment and a fun life in New York City. Now imagine that you get knocked up — and have to move back to your old room in your parents' house. I'm Christine Coppa; welcome to my world."

Ouch. Turns out Coppa's baby-daddy decided that, actually, the whole fatherhood thing wasn't for him — perhaps, as Jezebel pointed out, as Coppa had decided that the whole nursing a suddenly paralyzed boyfriend for the rest of her life wasn't for her. Coppa has only blogged once, and is apparently legally enjoined from discussing the ex-boyfriend, so who knows what she'll have to say about that, but clearly she will have a unique perspective on making the decision to leave a suddenly onerous relationship behind when things get complicated. There are obviously different issues of responsibility here — it does take two to make a baby — but it does seem like she could have an interesting perspective on having been left in that way by the father of her baby. So far, the tone is upbeat and optimistic, and Coppa sounds like she'll have some good stories and, likely, some good insights — she's a good writer. But more than that, the hook is pretty damn good — nice work on Glamour's part in finding a blogger with a story worth serializing.