Know What You Want

Often times we find ourselves chasing other people's dreams. We do things for the wrong reasons and naturally when we accomplish these things we're not as happy as we should be.

Finding out what you want isn't easy, nothing good comes easy, at least nothing lasting. Figuring out what makes you tick is the first step. Here's three things you can do to find out what it is you really want:

1. Write it down! I am a huge proponent of saying things out loud and writing them down. Thoughts run through my head so quickly, but when I articulate them out loud or on paper I find myself hashing out the details rather than generalities.

2. Think about what you have now. Are there parts of your current lifestyle that you'd like to keep or are there things you'd like to change? This can be done in a simple t-chart writing down your pros down one side and cons down the other.

3. Visualize. Think about the things you want and think about how you will feel accomplishing them. When you think about the successes, are you thinking about your reaction to it or the reaction of others? If your thoughts run to the latter, you may be fishing up the wrong stream.

If you want to impress people I can guarantee you will never be truly happy. Real happiness comes from fulfilling desires that are only found within ourselves.

As I go through life I often take a moment to sit and think about why I want something. Often I find myself reexamining my list of wants and occasionally I cross something off as it becomes apparent that it's not my happiness I am seeking, but the approval and acceptance of others.

Find out what you want so you can chase the right dreams.