Know Your Place, Boy! (I Mean, President Obama)

The latest in an overflowing, voluminous list of offences that President Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President in the 240 year history of the United States of America, has had to endure is that Senate Republicans have formally announced via a Judiciary Committee letter that they will not hold any hearings on any U.S. Supreme Court nominee presented by this sitting President. Senate Republicans once again appear determined to throw a wrench into the wheels of our democracy by having a seat upon the nation's highest Court remain open for an indefinite period of time, a seat vacated with the recent passing of the Court's longest-serving justice, Justice Antonin Scalia. It would be a gross misinterpretation of purpose to consider this opposition merely as political jockeying in a presidential election year. Instead, what President Obama is enduring is the same that has been endured by African Americans since the advent of this nation.

Obama is being told to know his place.

Unquestionably, President Obama fits the description of an uppity Negro. He actually thinks that being elected by the American electorate to the presidency twice with an overwhelming majority of the popular vote gives him the right to function with the full powers of that office. Misguidedly, he thinks that he can simply nominate someone and have the Senate to meet with them as has transpired with sitting presidents before him, even presidents like him completing the final year of their term. This former professor of constitutional law actually thinks that the rights granted to the Office of the President by the Constitution apply to him.

This boy, I mean, Obama should know his place. Since he has clearly forgotten, let us benevolently offer to him this quick reminder:

Never, ever look a white person directly in his or her eyes. You are not their equal. In fact, science suggests that you are not fully human. Your total value derives from being the property of your master. If you serve your master well, you will make it to Black heaven--not to be confused with White heaven. To ensure that you understand this, when you die, we will bury you in the Black cemetery. So, you will have company with Black corpses until White Jesus comes to take you to Black heaven. Understand? Good.

Never, ever share the sidewalk with a white woman. If you see a white woman approaching, stop immediately, and cross over to the other side of the street. If you cannot make it to the other side of the street, then run. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Do not fail to heed these instructions, less we be forced to string you up upon the nearest tree.

Furthermore, your entrance is always in the back, and your seats are always in the balcony. You cannot attend this school, live in this neighborhood, or eat at this counter. You cannot use this restroom or drink from this fountain. Never forget that the key to your survival is to know your place, for stepping out of place can have fatal consequences.

Obama, please do not allow your Ivy League education, your Hawaiian upbringing, or your white parentage to cause you for a moment to think that you are like us. Please, open your eyes and open your ears. We have been warning you about staying in your place throughout your terms in office.

When we yelled "You lie!" during your State of the Union address, we were really saying, "Stay in your place."

When we degradingly referred to you as a Muslim and questioned your citizenship, we were really saying, "Stay in your place."

When we waved our finger in your face upon an Arizonian tarmac, or when we refused to show up all together to welcome a sitting president into our state, we were really saying "Stay in your place."

When we called your wife a monkey and when we called your daughter's hair un-American, again, we were really saying, "Stay in your place."

Mr. President, it is imperative that you know your place. If you don't know your place, others may be tempted to step out of place as well. It is bad enough that an entire generation of young people can see themselves in you, in the tight curl of your hair and in the hue of your skin.

To keep Negroes in their place we once made lynching a grand event. We invited the whole community to attend and to participate in these horrors, and we encouraged them to take fragments of clothing and even body parts of the deceased as souvenirs. We posed for pictures besides dangling corpses and charred bodies, and then we dragged the corpse through the streets of the Black community. In some cases, we forced Black families from their homes to view the corpse as it was being dragged down their street.

Times have changed, somewhat, and we cannot take out our aggression always in the same manner of our forbears. Still, we have our ways of keeping uppity Negroes like you in their place. So, no, we will not meet with any person that you nominate for the Supreme Court.

Hopefully, this time, you will learn your lesson.

Stay in your place.


I mean, Mr. President.