Know Your Veils: A Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings (PHOTOS)

Next time you are having dinner with a Bahraini dignitary, don't embarrass yourself by confusing the Queen's abaya with a burqa. Simply print out and carry a copy of "Know Your Veils: A Quick Look Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings," and you too can prevent many awkward and embarrassing veil-related situations!

Certain colors and styles are more common to some regions over the others, and many of the looks are worn for cultural tradition rather than religious reasons. This slideshow doesn't go into significant details, but with a little help from Northwestern University Qatar students Yara Darwish and Dina Mutassem, "Know Your Veils" is a brief guide to preventing Westerners from shaming our entire race of people by calling every head covering a burqa.

Hijabs, Niqabs, Burqas: Know Your Muslim Veils