Heartbroken Koala Looks Over Remnants Of Burnt Home

Heartbroken Koala Looks Over Remnants Of Burnt Home

It's often easy to overlook the environmental impact of natural disasters when property is destroyed and people lose their lives. But for thousands of animals, a vast wildfire can destroy not only their homes, but their entire world.

This devastating photo of a koala sitting in a burned pine tree was taken near the township of Gumeracha near Adelaide, South Australia after a bushfire swept over miles of brush in January. More than 600 firefighters battled the blaze, and a number of animals and livestock were killed.

koala forest

No one was killed by the fire due to early community warnings, but more than $13 million in property was damaged. Another koala, named Jeremy in honor of the firefighter who rescued him, was injured in the fire near Adelaide and had to be given mittens to help him recover. He's since been released back into the wild.

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