Tiny Koala Cries After Getting Kicked Out Of Tree By Grumpy Friend

Can’t we all just get along?

This just may be one of the strangest — and cutest — fights.

A tiny koala was kicked out of a tree by a much larger bully before collapsing on the ground and having a painfully adorable tantrum.

Forewarning: If you haven't heard a koala cry, it's no nightingale.

The crybaby is seen in the video waving its arms like an animatronic doll as its alpha adversary in the tree overhead deeply grunts or bellows, as it’s called.

The smaller koala pauses its boohooing when coaxed by the man and woman who filmed the tear-jerking scene in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, and uploaded it Sunday to koala Facebook fan page, Cute Koala Kisses.

“Poor little thing’s kicked out of the tree. You can come to our tree,” the woman, identified as Alicia Alexander, says. “Poor little thing. There’s plenty of trees!”

When the camera pans up to the alpha koala, the woman tells it: “You’re a meanie.”

Alexander said ultimately the little guy was found back in the tree, without any more trouble, come nightfall.

The two animals are seen battling it out in a tree before the smallest gets knocked to the ground.
The two animals are seen battling it out in a tree before the smallest gets knocked to the ground.

It’s not clear what all the fuss was about though the marsupials — not to be confused with bears — are described by the Australian Koala Foundation as fairly solitary creatures.

They’re also nocturnal and sleep up to 22 hours a day, according to the non-profit group, so all the grump might just be over a lack of shut-eye.

Alexander said she first suspected that their fight was due to mating season, and the animals' sounds suggest that might be the case.

“But... I am not sure if this is the case due to the territorial traits and faint growling sounds coming from the small koala!" she wrote on her Facebook page.

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