Koala Seen Running Down The Hall At Edinburgh Zoo (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cutest Video Ever: Koala Running Down The Hall

If you're looking for a bit of cuteness today, look no further to Yabbra the koala.

In this adorable YouTube video, the animal is spotted behind the scenes at the Edinburgh Zoo.

The clip shows Yabbra wandering the halls of the zoo after he hangs out in his outdoor sanctuary. Like most Koalas, he can sleep for around 22 hours in a single day. But when he's awake, he's really awake.

Yabbra is one of only two Koalas in the U.K., according to the Edinburgh Zoo. Born in 2005, Yabbra's name is Aboriginal for “the fugitive,” as he kept popping out of his mother’s pouch at a very early age.

According to National Geographic, a recent report issued by the Australian government noted that koala populations were decreasing and the animals had been deemed threatened.

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Watch the adorable video ABOVE of the koala at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland and checkout the BELOW slideshow of other baby animals.

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