Kobe Bryant Not Exactly Thrilled When Jimmy Kimmel Shows Him Lakers' Post-Game Antics

The Los Angeles Lakers are without the face of their franchise, Kobe Bryant, who is lost to injury for who knows how long. But on Sunday, behind 25 points and 6 assists from Jeremy Lin, the ragtag team of misfits persevered and won an overtime game against the Boston Celtics.

After the game, Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Carlos Boozer and and Lin celebrated like they’d won the championship, rather than barely beat a team that is currently 20-33.

Watch out for the Boozer photobomb.

Unfortunately for the above four players, Bryant appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday and was asked (at around 1:33 in the video at the top of this post) about the team's post-game antics. It did not go well.

“Now, would that happen if you were there?” Kimmel asked. “Would there be a celebration?” Bryant’s reaction? Complete and total radio silence.

Once it became clear Bryant would say nothing at all about the incident, a giggling Kimmel asked Kobe: “Hey, did you see the movie Whiplash?”

Bryant has seen the movie, and yes, he also says he somewhat identifies with the abusive music teacher J.K. Simmons plays in it. Something tells us the other Lakers wouldn’t exactly be surprised to hear that.