Kobe Bryant Used To Slam Basketballs, But Now He Slams Poetry About Urkel

Did he do that?

Family matters, and so does Kobe Bryant’s slam poetry.

The former NBA star is used to clutch performances, and he came up with another one on “The Tonight Show” Monday, reciting a slam poem about Steve Urkel from “Family Matters.”

Did he do that?

Uh, yeah, he did. 

For anyone thinking this sounds strange, you’re right. It is strange — strange Kobe hasn’t been doing this every day of his life.

This poetry performance is totally out of the blue. But it’s amazing.

Kobe was known as “The Black Mamba.” He had a killer instinct in the league. We just didn’t expect the transition from NBA to slam poet to be smoother than his crossover dribble.

If Kobe keeps doing stuff like this, who knows how far he’ll go?

Considering he also sang some of “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana” on the show, we’re guessing it’s pretty far.

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