Koch Brother Walks Through D.C. Protest Crowd Noticed (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- After seeing The Huffington Post's recent story about David Koch reportedly walking unnoticed through a crowd of protesters -- who were protesting David Koch -- Joe Smyth, a media officer for Greenpeace, emailed over a video of David Koch being noticed and confronted by protesters at Friday's Defending the American Dream Summit.

Smyth said in an email that the video was made by Greenpeace as part of its Polluterwatch project, which "focuses on holding polluters and their lobbyists accountable."

The video begins with a protester handing Koch a piece of paper, which he reads. After that, Koch and the protester seem to engage civilly. The audio in this video is hard to make out -- but the video is helpfully annotated with dialogue bubbles. These tell us that the protesters tell Koch, who is well-known as a climate change skeptic, that he is "wanted for climate crimes."

Koch is then asked how much he is going to "make on Keystone XL" -- the controversial oil pipeline project that drew thousands to protest at the White House last weekend -- and if his position on global warming has changed.

Koch doesn't appear to respond to the questions.