Kohl's Puts Us In The Holiday Spirit With Ad Featuring Gay Couple


It may still be over a week before Thanksgiving, but Wisconsin-based retailers Kohl's is putting us in the holiday spirit ahead of schedule with their latest commercial.

Posted on Monday as part of Kohl's #AllTogetherNow campaign, the ad shows a diverse family preparing a holiday meal together in a bustling kitchen. As they sit down to dinner, a handsome gay couple shares a toast that, from the looks of it, might be celebrating an engagement. 

"The best of the holidays? Being together with family and friends, of course," Kohl's officials wrote on the company's official YouTube page

It's likely that we haven't seen the last of the two men, too. The new clip is the first of eight that will feature personal stories from each of the family members, according to Advertising Age.

Way to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, Kohl's! 

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