Koichi Uchimura Invents Creepy Talking Girlfriend Pillow

Pillows are great if you're sleeping, but, frankly, their conversational skills are lacking.

Japanese inventor Koichi Uchimura has attempted to solve that problem by developing the "Ita-Supo," a talking pillow that verbally responds to the user's touch, reports.

The pillowcase features the face and torso of a blonde female anime character on the outside and two sensors placed in pouches located in the breast and crotch area.

Massage the pillow's cartoon breasts and it will coo in delight, saying things like, "What if I start loving you even more than I already do?" according to Anime News Network. Get too grabby and you will hear the Japanese equivalent of "Hey! That hurts!" or "Not there!"

Uchimura is currently raising money to market the "Ita-Supo" through a crowd-funding campaign. People can purchase it for around $167, but be warned: Your other pillows could get jealous.



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