"Koko Mansion": Flavor Of Love Nigerian Edition Coming Soon (VIDEO)

In the spirit of VH1's hit reality series "Flavor Of Love", starring Public Enemy member Flavor Flav, Nigeria's satellite television station HiTV is launching its own version. "Koko Mansion" will star Nigerian pop star D'banj (Dapo Oyebanji) and twelve admiring women who will compete for his affection over the course of 8 weeks in Lagos City residence, reports. However, unlike "Flavor Of Love", the creators of "Koko Mansion" are insisting that the show will not focus purely on D'banj at the expense of the contestants' dignity. According to allAfrica:

Aka-Bashorun corrected the impression that the show is all about D'Banj, stating that it is about highlighting the virtues of a true African woman any man would want for a wife.

"The show is not about D'Banj, but about the Kokolette (women). We are showing the virtues of a true woman that will appeal to an average man to marry. Though, D'Banj is single, young and rich who represents most eligible bachelors in Nigeria, his role would be to help viewers determine the right kind of woman a man like him craves for," she submitted.

The blog Africa Is A Country has a trailor.


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