This Is A Woman In A Kimono Attempting To Outrun A Komodo Dragon (VIDEO)

Do not attempt this if you ever come across a Komodo dragon.

In a stunt staged for a Japanese television show, comedian and reality star Ayako Imoto raced a Komodo dragon, while wearing a kimono, with meat tied to a string around her waist. And she did it on purpose.

The world's largest living lizard, the Komodo dragon has a forked tongue, strong bite and venom glands loaded with toxins to lower blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and induce shock, according to National Geographic. The reptilian behemoths can take down large mammals like deer and water buffalo. Not something you want to go up against in a footrace.

While a kimono may be an appropriate outfit for, say, an elegant traditional ceremony in Japan, it seems inappropriate for circumstances where you may end up literally running for your life.

Imoto, who has in the past wrangled alligators and raced cheetahs for a few laughs, usually appears in a schoolgirl sailor suit, according to Kotaku. While it's hard to tell which outfit is more Komodo-ready, at least with the kimono you get the advantage of fun alliteration.

(Hat tip, MSN)