'Kong: Skull Island' Gets An 'Honest Trailer' Critique From Its Director

"You wanna know everything f**king wrong with 'Kong: Skull Island'?"

Screen Junkies’ latest Honest Trailer was in the midst of playfully tearing apart “Kong: Skull Island” when something strange and wonderful happened.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of the blockbuster, joined in on the fun.

“You wanna know who my biggest critic is? Me,” Vogt-Roberts says in the video. “You wanna know everything f**king wrong with ‘Kong: Skull Island’? I will f**king tell you.”

Vogt-Roberts, who has had issues with some reviews in the past, actually came up with a few fair criticisms, including the presence of too many characters. But, for the love of King Kong, do not suggest to him that the film had too many helicopters.

Watch what the director has to say about that above.

Given that the movie made more than $500 million globally in its theatrical run, Vogt-Roberts might’ve had the last laugh, anyway.

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