Kong Suni, Farting Baby Doll, Is 'Must-Have' Toy In South Korea (VIDEO)

Farting Baby Doll Is All The Rage In South Korea

Baby doll Kong Suni is all the rage in South Korea.

And why wouldn't she be?

Cute as a button with her big Bambi eyes and rosy cheeks, the baby doll -- created by Korean toy manufacturer Young Toys -- comes with candy-colored accessories and a catchy theme song reminiscent of a jaunty carousel ride.

Designed to be a potty training aid, the gassy baby doll eats, farts and, in one version, even comes with a tiny commode and an itty-bitty smiling turd that can be flushed.

All one needs to do is rub Kong Suni's little tummy, and the wide-eyed doll will fart on command.

Kong Suni costs between $22 and $30, depending on the version of the doll and where it's purchased, notes Cute In Korea blog.

According to Inquisitr.com, the farting baby doll is the "must-have toy" in South Korea these days.

Citing Kong Suni's popularity and South Korea's toilet-themed amusement park, as well as the "world's biggest toilet" which is located in Japan, the news blog said that Asian countries seem to be a "bit more open and…experimental than others" when it comes to bathroom-related activities.

But the fact is, America is not exactly devoid of its own toileting toys.

Hasbro's Baby Alive doll, which has been on the market for a number of years, may not fart, but she sure knows how to poop and pee:

Would you get your child a farting, pooping or peeing doll? Tell us in the comments below.

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