To Kony or Not to Kony 2012? Now It's Your Problem

In a week the Kony 2012 project swirled the world into madness. The sleek, inspirational, easy-to-action campaign ignited the interest of many people really fast, and brought back as strong of a wave of criticism.

The question now is not whether Kony 2012 campaign is good or bad -- but how to translate what it stirred into real possibility. At the end of the day, it has started a very important conversation about Uganda and Africa, and the spotlight of this conversation creates a world of opportunities.

Whether you are a Kony 2012 supporter, critic or somewhere in between -- there is an action to consider:

If you believe that the movie oversimplified the story of the war in Uganda or that the work of local organizations wasn't properly represented, for once the world is listening: Tell the story. People are dying to get educated and to understand how they can make a difference.

If you think that Jason Russel is a self-centered, ego driven narcissist, manipulated by the hidden agenda of U.S. Christian right, don't support his organization. Create your own and make it as clean and pure as you can. But don't forget that most impactful things in the world, both good and bad, are accomplished by people with strong passion, egos and beliefs.

Some criticize Invisible Children for spending more than 60 percent of their funds on promoting awareness and only a third on directly contributing to Ugandans. Keep in mind that for an organization with a big vision, whether it is a business or a non-profit, it's a very reasonable strategy at the time of expansion, and in this case, the one that probably paid off. But if you are really appalled by that, contribute to or volunteer with another organizations.

The sensationalism of journalism nowadays and the not always rational outcomes of social media campaigns is the reality of today. Not everything will be aligned with your vision, but there is always an opportunity. In other words: Don't be just a critic -- offer alternatives. Don't be paralyzed by contradictory opinions -- find what works.

After all, Kony might actually be caught this year. And there are still tons of things to be done in the world. #getoffyourass2012

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