'Kookaburra House' In Sydney Is One Of The Most Relaxing Places On Earth (PHOTOS)

If you visit, you might leave relaxed. Very relaxed.

It's tough starting a private practice. And as one natural medicine practitioner learned, running a health retreat from home proved even more of a challenge.

In 2011, certified nutritionist and herbalist Merrilee Linegar purchased this gorgeous home in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia for $4.4 million USD. To accommodate her wellness center, Linegar invested an additional $1.8 million USD into renovating and converting her home over the span of one and a half years. The result? Well, we think the property can speak for itself.

Referred to by locals as the "Kookaburra house" (after the native bird with the same name,) the estate boasts seven bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pool and a spacious yoga room that holds 45 people at a time. Between the manicured koi pond, views overlooking Pittwater bay and a private gated trail that leads to waterfalls and a creek, there's no denying that the space was conducive for healing.

holistic retreat

holistic retreat

Credit: Saul Goodwin

But the upkeep eventually forced her to sell. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Linegar admits that managing the business from home required a great amount of administrative work. So in May of 2013, Linegar listed it with Unique Estates for a whopping $7.3 million USD. The current asking price has since dropped to $5.5 million.

Linegar intends to continue her work with a group of friends closer to Sydney's city center.

To see more photos of the suburban beauty, flip through our slideshow below. And we tip our hats to the Wall Street Journal, where the property was originally featured as part of their House Of The Day series.

Merrilee Linegar's Holistic Retreat

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