Oh Yeaaaaah! Meet The Voice Of The Kool-Aid Man

Actor and singer Frank Simms also sang background vocals for David Bowie.

The Kool-Aid Man: One of the most baffling, beloved and iconic of America’s soft drink mascots.

For decades, the anthropomorphic pitcher smashed through walls and yelled "Oh yeaaaaah!" But just who was the human behind the mascot's distinctive voice? 

In this viral Great Big Story video, watch as actor and singer Frank Simms explains how he made the Kool-Aid Man's voice his own. 

Simms, who also voiced Honeycomb Cereal's The Craver and sung background vocals for David Bowie, Madonna and Billy Joel, was the voice for the Kool-Aid Man for 15 years.

"I've had several people say, 'It's hard to picture that that voice is actually coming from you, the human being,'" he quipped in the clip. 

Watch the video above; then scroll down for some examples of Simms' Kool-Aid Man voice-work. 



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