Watch A Sinkhole In South Korea Instantly Swallow Two People

Two bus passengers in Seoul, South Korea, plummeted nearly 10 feet as an instant abyss opened up below them.

The unlucky travelers were exiting at their stop Friday when the sidewalk they stepped out onto gave way. Firefighters rescued the devoured man and woman, who suffered only minor injuries, according to The Guardian.

The whole ordeal was captured on the surveillance camera of the bus, and you can actually pinpoint the second that the sidewalk rips in half. Information about the cause of the sinkhole, which opened up not far from a construction site, is being sought by the Korean Geotechnical Society and city officials, the BBC reported.

Sinkholes, both man-made and naturally occurring, are common and open up on a daily basis, according to geologists cited by The New York Times. Florida even has a so-called "sinkhole season," and the website keeps tabs on the phenomenon.

Naturally occurring sinkholes happen when a surface layer of earth gives way due to the erosion of the bedrock below, while man-made ones can be caused by faulty construction. These sometimes result in city scenes akin to New York's dreaded sidewalk grate collapses, and are a reminder to always tread lightly.