Why Korean Pancakes Should Be Your Winter Staple This Year

Make your pancake batter go far and wide this winter.

There's a lot you can do with pancake batter -- pizza, dumplings -- but fill it with the right ingredients and it becomes jeon, Korea's take on the pancake. It's a fluffy, crispy, savory, super-filling (and still healthy) specialty that is usually eaten as a side dish or shared family-style and dipped in a sauce.

We think jeon makes for a great meal any time of the day, because essentially, it can be anything you want: all your favorite vegetables and meats coated in flour and fried in oil.

It's a great, simple, stick-to-your-ribs staple that will get surely you through the wintery blues.

For inspiration, check out this video from First We Feast, which collaborated with LA chef Roy Choi, of POT, to show you how he makes the ultimate Korean pancake (you can get the recipe here):

For other ideas, check out these recipes from Pinterest:

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