Koreatown Robber Beaten With Golf Club

Risky Or Right On? Woman Beats Armed Intruder With Golf Club, Wins

A couple in Koreatown gave an armed intruder more than he bargained for when he entered their home with a gun early Monday.

According to KTLA, an intruder accosted a woman in her hallway about 2 a.m., forcing her into her apartment at gunpoint. After taking her wallet, the man seemed to want something more. The victim screamed, which woke her boyfriend who came out of the bedroom and started fighting with the man. During their struggle, the woman managed to call the police and grab one of her boyfriend's golf clubs, which she used to beat the intruder until the club was broken in half.

The couple walked away with a few cuts and bruises, KTLA reports. Police told the station they were glad the couple survived, but stopped short of a full endorsement.

"I couldn't tell you whether that was a good idea or not," one officer told the station. "At some point, it's what's in your heart, it's what you're feeling that's going to happen. If you're feeling that maybe he's going to do some harm to us, it's time to fight."

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