Kortney Ryan Ziegler Raises Funds To Launch Hackathon Site For Transgender Empowerment

Writer, filmmaker and transgender advocate Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler is currently raising funds for a "hackathon" for transgender empowerment.

What has been said to be "the first ever" transgender event of its kind will be held in Oakland, California, September 13-15.

The community-building event aiming to unite software developers, designers, artists, thinkers and more was created to advocate for gender and racial justice, while constructing web content or mobile apps that will work to create meaningful and significant change for the transgender community.

"Imagine if there existed a mobile phone app that helps individuals find trans friendly doctors or an app that profiles safe space job opportunities for trans people across the country?" Ziegler writes on the Trans*H4CK GoFundMe.com site.

It seems the hackathon couldn't come at a better time. A recently released report on hate violence found that in 2012, almost three fourths of anti-LGBTQ homicides were people of color, while more than half of anti-LGBTQ homicide victims in that year were transgender women.

For more information about the event and fundraiser click here.



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