'Kourtney And Khloe (Hardly) Take The Hamptons' Episode 4 Recap

It's always a strange and eerie episode of "Kardashians" when Princess Kim K is the voice of reason. On last night's epsiode of "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons" (still using the word "take" very lightly), Kim dropped some really powerful knowledge bombs on all of us.

On Scott wanting to leave rehab: "He's just being ... an addict."
On turning 30: "Jesus only lived to 33."
On aging: "You get like one tiny wrinkle the day you turn 30 at midnight."

The episode opened with Scott coming to terms with the fact that he needs to go to rehab. It was actually a very sweet and introspective moment for him and I truly hope that he stays there and continues to heal. According to the previews for next week's episode though, he does not. And according to his Instagram, he is still hosting parties, so that does not bode well for his future sobriety.

Also, was it just me or did your heart sink and melt into a puddle of goo when Scott left all the toys and candy for Kourtney and the kids at the Gansevoort? That was a lovely moment. It almost made up for all the sucky moments between them that we've been watching for the past three episodes (slash 9 years). Almost.

Khloe turned 30 and she was not down. They had a boat party and French Montana slurred some things into a microphone. Business as usual. Khloe looked smoking hot but she wasn't feeling it. We've all been there.

French also threw Khloe a surprise party, which was very sweet, and bought her a new tricked out ride, which was very generous. I would have thought more of the Khloe/French developments if shortly thereafter Khloe hadn't dropped the line we've all been anticipating/dreading:

"If I had my way I would still be married to Lamar. Even right now today I wish I was still married to him."

Sigh. We love you Khloe, and we're rooting for you. You deserve every happiness, and take it from Kim, turning 30 will be amazing!

She also hit us with this piece of wisdom, which was very apt.


Kris, Kendall and Kylie also came out to the Hamptons last night. Kris was her usual Kris Jenner self -- making anything and everything about her and acting too young for her age. But what else would you expect? At least she is consistent.

Kendall and Kylie straight up slayed in every scene they were in. They are so chic it hurts. You know what else hurts though? When they open their mouths. They are so bratty, I can't. Kylie thinking about texting Scott in rehab so she can take his "Lambo"? Like no. Just stop. You are 16 (in this episode) and a terror on the road. Calm down.

Still though, so chic.

Speaking of chic, all the ladies looked absolutely beautiful on last night's episode. They might not be taking the Hamptons per se, but the Hamptons sure look good on them!



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